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PT Kemakmuran Kemuliaan Perkasa

Authorized Sole Distributor for Jeuno HmA Bars In Indonesia

PT Kemakmuran Kemuliaan Perkasa (PT KKP) is appointed by Jeuno Malaysia as the authorized sole importer and distributor for Jeuno in Indonesia.

PT KKP holds the rights to import and to distribute Jeuno, to appoint its sub-distributors (called “Main Traders”), to produce all advertising and promotion materials in all forms, be it printed, audio/video, website etc.

PT KKP is committed to customer’s satisfaction by ensuring product availability at all times in as much areas as possible and to provide customers’ support with a professional consultant.

PT Kemakmuran Kemuliaan Perkasa
Authorized sole importer and distributor

The Kuningan Place, Kantor 3 dan 4
Jl. Kuningan Utama Lot 15
Jakarta 12980

Hotline 24 hours: 02170210034, 02180292611 & 082260302611